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Obligatory personal biography

I was born too long ago, in Dorset. I've moved around the country as I grew up and as I've found work, so I don't really think of myself as being from anywhere in particular.

I could mention that my post-11 schooling took place at Loughborough High School for Girls and I went up to the University of Southampton, where I read Chemistry, which didn't agree with me much, thus explaining why I work in IT, these days. I have been a geek for many, many years. Possibly even from before I received my first computer, a wonderful Commadore 64.

However, you may be interested in the woman aside from her work and education. There are hints in the CV, but it's all a bit dry, really. It doesn't truely explain my passion for photography, or that I really love to cook, both for myself and for my friends. I am interested in philosphy and psychology, in history and anthropology and a long list of other things.

Whenever I have the time and the money, I travel.

I have been known to write poetry. It's very weird, surreal and frequently full of sexual metaphor and inuendo and I blame Magnetic Poetry entirely for providing such a wonderfully inspirational and easy to use tool.

I also write prose, and I blame that entirely on Too Much TV and Not Enough Social Life.

I love books, music and films and you can help me indulge this passion by buying items for me from Amazon.

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